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The brand name itself gives off the exciting concept of rolling blunts. The $100 bill is an actual imitation of a $100 bill. These are perfect for pranking your friends while taking a joint. We are the exporter and suppliers of $100 Bill Rolling Paper King Size. They are pretty good in quality as a rolling paper.

Uses of $100 Bill Rolling Paper (40 Papers) – King Size for Sale

These rolling papers are excellent in quality. They come with filter tips. The $100 bill king size is bigger than the standard size of rolling paper. They last longer than traditional rolling blunt.

Benefits of $100 Bill Rolling Paper (40 Papers) – King Size 

The most common benefit of having these rolling papers is pranking your friends and at the same time having the time of your life. They look pretty luxurious for a rolling paper. They last long like any other rolling article. The slow burn and hit are pretty different with this $100 bill rolling paper.


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