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Almonds grow on Prunus dulcis or also known as an almond tree which is a common name. Almonds are native to the middle east, though the USA is the largest manufacturer of them. They are a very popular nut around the world and provide you with monounsaturated fats. It has proteins, vitamins, iron, etc. that makes it a wholesome nut for snacking. These nuts have antioxidant properties in it which will protect you from ageing and other harmful diseases. Among other food items, almond is one of the foods that have vitamin E in high amounts. Vitamin E is linked to several health benefits. We are the leading wholesale suppliers and exporters of almond nuts. 

Uses of almond nuts 

They are used for snacking purposes, and you can add them to various food items.

Benefits of almond nuts 

They have antioxidant properties that help promote your gut health and protect you from other diseases.


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