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It is a nut found in Asia and similar to a palm tree. Every day it is chewed by millions of people because it is identical to tobacco. However, people consider it under a spice. This nut is often used to prepare medicines as they offer health benefits to the human body. It is used to promote eye health or disorders in the eye. Yet we advise you to consume it on the advice of your doctor. We are the exporters and wholesale suppliers of betel nuts all over the world. For people who have a stroke, it can be cured by chewing betel nuts. It will improve your strength and speech and also the problems of the bladder. Many researchers suggest that chew betel nuts for those who have schizophrenia. We have huge stock of betel nuts for sale in Portugal.

Uses of betel nuts 

The people chew them to cure their health problems.

Benefits of betel nuts 

They are loaded with lots of nutrients. These nuts will cure the problem of schizophrenia and stroke.


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