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Copimax is a famous and respectful brand which produces different GSM paper. You can find 300 GSM papers also. It is commonly made for office work. You can use it to print images and photographs. The price of the copimax paper varies from size to thicknesses. If we talk about durability, it is fantastic you can use it in your important works. And we are the leading whlesale suppliers of copimax A4 paper. Copimax is durable, smooth, shiny, and bright white.

Uses of copimax A4 paper For Sale

You can use it to print texts, images, photographs, invitations, certificates, etc. They have high GSM papers which are used to make cards and decorative boxes too.

Benefits of copimax A4 paper 

Papers can be reused by recycling. Copimax papers are durable, bright white, smooth, and shiny. It is perfect for office use and even we can find different thicknesses also.


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