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Cricket lighter is one of the oldest brands in New York, the USA that has introduced its first disposable lighter. With the help of a disposable lighter, a smoker can light a perfect smoke. It has a consistent height of flame which provides you with a brilliant flame every time you turn on the lighter. We are the exporters of cricket lighters all over the world. They are mainly known for their quality and trustworthy services globally. Cricket lighters have a classy look that allures several smokers towards it. Presently, we have a variety of designs, colours, and body types in cricket lighters. They are considered to be the safest lighters as they do not harm the environment.

Uses of Cricket Lighter

Through cricket lighter, you can burn your cigarette and other smoking products.

Benefits of cricket lighter

Cricket lighter has been providing trustworthy services to its customers for the last few years. These are some of the first disposable lighters that have a classic look.


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