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The HMS is known to be heavy melting steel or heavy melting Scrap. These scraps are used in melting and making a new and better product for the future. Thus, this HMS scrap is designated for wrought iron and steel scrap. We are the wholesale suppliers and exporters of HMS 1&2 scrap. We provide the best HMS 1&2 scrap.

Uses of HMS 1 and 2 Scrap For sale

The first thing to know about HMS 1 is that it does not contain any galvanization whereas HMS 2 does. The HMS 2 scrap is usually lightweight, which is galvanized and has blackened steel too. HMS 1 scrap is more on the heavier side without any galvanization and blackened steel.

Benefits of HMS 1 and 2 scrap

The HMS is a term used worldwide for heavy metal scrap. The HMS1 is generally used in heavier production, and HSM 2 is used in lighter products such as bicycle frames. The HMS 1 and 2 scrap goes with the ratio of 80-20%.


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