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This brand produces papers for office work. The standard size of this paper is A4 which is also commonly used in offices. Mondi Rotatrim paper used in the inkjet printer, laser printer, Xerox printer, etc. The paper smoothly passes from the printer machine because it is thin and used for bulky prints. You can also use it at home because of the thinness the paper quickly moves from the printer and does not stick into it. It soaks the ink, and the ink does not smear over it. We are the suppliers of Mondi Rotatrim paper A4. 

Uses of Mondi Rotatrim paper A4 For Sale

Mondi Rotatrim paper is made for office work, but we can also use it in the college, cybercafé, school, etc. because it moves smoothly from the machine and makes printing more convenient.

Benefits of Mondi Rotatrim paper A4 

It is beneficial for bulky printing and moves smoothly from the machine. The paper is bright white as well as thin with a smooth surface.


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