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Pepsi was introduced back in 1961 in the USA. Many people said that Pepsi and Coca-Cola have an authentic and very identical taste. However, their carbonated level is quite different. Pepsi is a low carbonated drink, whereas Coca-Cola is a medium carbonated drink. We are the wholesale supplier of Pepsi in Portugal and have direct contact with the company. We sell their products all over the world. As an exporter, we have a variety of Pepsi products such as Diet Pepsi and some other flavours of it. This drink is used to quench the thirst and to celebrate the festivals. Other than that, it is a refreshing drink that often sips in the summer to keep ourselves refreshing.

Uses of Pepsi

Pepsi is a drink mainly served on special occasions to quench the thirst and celebrate the day.

Benefits of Pepsi

It is a low carbonated drink that is popular globally.


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