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PET flakes or plastic bottles scrap are highly recyclable throughout the year. The PET bottle recycle procedure is done by accumulating, cleaning, and then shredded into flakes. We are the suppliers & exporter of PET flakes/ plastic bottle scrap. There are numerous ways to use these flakes or plastic bottles.

Uses of PET flakes-plastic bottles scrap for sale

After the process of plastic bottles scraps into washed flakes, these flakes are used as polyester fibre. The polyester fibers are high in demand right now in the market for their various usage. For example, clothing, filling pillows, and much more. The PET bottles scrap highly appreciated in recycling.

Benefits of PET Flakes/ Plastic Bottles Scrap

One of the most beneficial advantages of using PET flakes and plastic bottles is less environmental pollution. In recycling plastic bottles, the PET containers because of their storage properties. The PET flakes are converted into polyester fibers which creates more opportunities for refining new products.


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