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PP lite paper is made with good quality wood pulp and gives an unbeatable performance. The printer’s ink does not smear over it and gives you good quality prints with bold texts and images. The quality of ink is the matter, but the paper’s quality also matters the most, it should be fair, durable, smooth. The price of this paper is reasonable and affordable for everyone. With high-quality paper, you can preserve your work for a long time. We are the suppliers of PP lite A4 paper.

Uses of PP lite A4 paper For Sale

You can use this paper for bulky printing, writing, drawing, and even craftwork. This paper is handy.

Benefits of PP lite A4 paper 

the ink doesn’t smear on this paper because it absorbs the ink. You can use this paper in fast printing machines because it doesn’t stick in the machine and gives you very smooth prints.


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