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The raw classic cones are great for beginners who do not know how to perfect the rolling technique. These cones are easy to use and provide complete satisfaction. We are the exporter and suppliers of raw classic cones. Must buy for those frustrated consumers of rolling paper who have not mastered the rolling technique yet.

Uses of raw classic cones for sale 

These classic cones from raw are very easy to use. Just fill it up with the desired product, and now it’s ready to use. These cones are uniformed in size, so no problem with less or more products. The raw classic cones are significantly in demand with joint smokers.

Benefits of raw classic cones 

There have been questions if raw classic cones burn too fast or not. It is sufficient to say that because of their uniformed size, it gives off smooth burning to it—the fastest way to make a joint and relish it for a decent slow burn.


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