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Who does not like sprite? Sprite is the favourite drink of all, and also it is trendy amongst each age group. Sprite was introduced in 1959 in Germany. It is a low carbonated drink with a sweet and slightly tangy flavour in it. Surprisingly, sprite comes in a green bottle, yet the drink is in a transparent white colour. It is a lime soda soft drink which has a very delicious taste. This drink is beneficial to quench your thirst. As an wholesale suppliers exporter of sprite in Portugal, we offer you its original taste. It is manufactured under the same famous brand of Coca-Cola. Sprite is a non-resisting drink and also a perfect summer drink.

Uses of sprite

Sprite is a summer cooler and a soft drink to quench the thirst. In addition to it, you can use it on special occasions.

Benefits of sprite

It is a low carbonated lime soda soft drink. This will quench your thirst.


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