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Sunflower meal is extracted from the sunflower. While processing the sunflower oil and removing it from its plant, the left material is known as sunflower meal. It is the by-product extract from the sunflower. It has a high level of components which are very suitable and healthy for your animals. With its single serving, you can keep your animal fit all day long. We are the exporters and suppliers of sunflower meals all over the world. It is designed explicitly for cattle animals, livestock, and ruminants. With its feeding, your animal will provide you with an equal number of best resources. We offer you a good quality sunflower meal which is healthy for your animal.

Uses of sunflower meal for sale

It is used to feed your livestock, cattle, and ruminants.

Benefits of sunflower meal 

This food is suitable for livestock, cattle, and ruminants. It has a high level of components in it which is nutritious for your animals.


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