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There are so many variables in rolling papers. The trip does what it says, and that is transparent rolling papers. They are evident in look but give the same rolling joint experience as any other rolling papers. We are the leading wholesale supplier of trip clear rolling papers. These are perfect for those who want to know how much herb is going in rolling papers.

Uses of Trip Clear Rolling Papers for Sale

These rolling papers are a big hype between smokers for their clear texture. They are biodegradable and are made of cellulose. No trees were harmed while making these rolling papers.

Benefits of Trip Clear Rolling Papers (4-Pack, 200 Papers Total)

Trip clear rolling papers are pretty smooth with the joint hit. They have a great slow burn to them despite being made from cellulose. It is pretty great for those who want to see the substance in their joints. They are pretty affordable with 200 rolling papers with four-pack.


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