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BIC lighters were the first disposable lighters that were manufactured in New York. During its test period, it already stole millions of hearts due to its disposable nature. Now it has more than 3 million stores all over the world. This lighter has already become the favourite choice of smokers. Other than its disposable nature, it also has a sleek look that encourages you to purchase it. Maxi lighters are a bit taller in size which is available in metallic bodies. Therefore, many people considered it a perfect gift for their smoker friend. As an exporter of BIC Maxi Lighter J26 available for sale, we provide you with a discount on it with more colour options.

Uses of Bic Maxi Lighter J26 available for sale

By Maxi Lighter J26 lighters are either for smoking use or for gifting purpose.

Benefits of Bic Maxi Lighter J26

It has a consistent flame every time you light the lighter. This lighter comes in different colours & bodies. BIC lighters are disposable lighters.


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