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This paper is made from high-quality wood pulp and has an affordable cost. You can buy this in 80 – 120 GSM. If we talk more about the quality of chamex A4 paper, you can see the quality by the texture and absorption of ink. You can use it on any paper. We are the wholesale suppliers and exporters of chamex A4 paper. The chamex A4 paper also produces stationery items. You can also use it in homework.

Uses of chamex A4 paper for Sale

Paper is commonly used in printing text work and images, but we can also use it in writing and drawing. The printed pictures can be used in craftwork and durable for a long time.

Benefits of chamex A4 paper 

The paper is affordable in price with the advantage of ink absorption. You can see the paper does not stick in the printer, and the ink does not merge.


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