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We can see that the paper is bright white in color as well as it is smooth too. It is a superior choice for schools and offices. This paper absorbs less ink and saves it. The remarkable thing about this paper is made from high-quality wood pulp, and when you print something colorful over it, the colors look vibrant. And we are the suppliers of reflex ultra-white A4 paper.

Uses of reflex ultra-white A4 paper For Sale 

It is a paper which is preferable to use in home and office. The bulky work of office or few home works, reflex ultra-white A4 paper quickly absorbs the ink and prints without any smearing.

Benefits of reflex ultra-white A4 paper 

It is very beneficial to save your ink cartridges because it absorbs less ink but gives you vibrant quality work and as a paper, it is recyclable also.


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