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Through the name of pinewood pellet, you will automatically get the idea about it. This wood pellet is made up of pine trees. However, first, they dehydrated the wood to make it more solid with no moisture in it. Without moisture in the pellet, it becomes easy for the pellet to burn quickly without taking more than 5minutes. Apart from using it as a commercializing fuel, individuals can also use it at home. This comes in use to clean the litter off your cat. Besides, it will not leave any smell behind it because you will get a beautiful essence from it. We are the suppliers of pinewood pellets. Available pine wood pellets for sale in Portugal,

Uses of pinewood pellets

Pinewood pellets are used for commercializing use at industrial sites. Moreover, you can use it at your home as well to clean the litter off your cat.

Benefits of pinewood pellets

Unlike other pellets, it will not generate a bad smell behind it. This is a perfect biodegradable fuel.


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