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As compared to fossil fuels, they produce less smoke and do not harm the environment with their smoke. They are generally made up of compressing the dry wood together. It provides them with large size or chink size of wood pieces used in the industries and home to process the work. The energy level is very high because they produce the right amount of heat, whereas another fossil fuel produces a minimal amount of heat that is not sufficient for the work. Briquettes are better than logs and pellets because they burn for a long time but at a slow pace that provides tremendous work productivity. Moreover, they are much hotter when it comes to temperature. We are the suppliers of wood briquettes. Available wood briquettes for sale in Portugal

Uses of wood briquettes

These briquettes are used in industrial work for the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Wood Briquettes

Wood Briquettes have a high energy level, and they are hotter. These briquettes take more time to burn.


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