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There are a variety of rolling papers in the market. Shine 24k gold presents you with an authentic experience of smoking. The rolling paper in itself is high in quality for obvious reasons. We are the supplier of shine 24k gold rolling papers. High-quality experience guaranteed from this company rolling papers.

Uses of shine 24k gold rolling papers for Sale

The using technique is the same as any other rolling paper but the difference highlights while smoking. Seasoned smokers use this product as a gift for themselves. The most asked question is whether this contains real gold. Yes, it does, and it still gives the slow burn aspect.

Benefits of shine 24k gold rolling papers 

These rolling papers are handcrafted and made with real gold. The gold stays on the ash, and it still gives the slow burn most smokers prefer. The gold is edible, so no worries of getting sick. This is a premium quality product for a high-end smoking experience.


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