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The use of rubber tires is as old as one can remember. Recycling used tires is highly in demand with the modern generation. It also ensures that the landfill site is less and used tires are in use. We are the supplier of used tires. It is essential to use these used tires as much as one can because of their bulky frame.

Uses of used tires for Sale

Used tires as it is common for them, take up a lot of space because of their bulk. By using them, it creates fewer landfill sites. The technique of tire pyrolysis is used for used tire recycling. The used tire scrap is much more worthy than one can think of.

Benefits of used tires

Accumulating used tires results in fewer landfills and catching fire on rubber. The fire caused by used tires is not dangerous to the environment but hazardous for people also. The 5% of recycled rubber in the used tire is used in new production.


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